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Swiss apparel manufacturer iXS has added a fine addition to its already developed retro lineup of motorcycle gear – the iXS Ridley. Made out of an ultra-soft cotton and polyamide blend, at first glance the Ridley could easily pass as a stylish, vintage jacket more in line with common street-wear. But with its white lining across the shoulders and down the arms, the Ridley has a lot more going for it than just snappy looks.

Digging a bit deeper into the Ridley, we find an integrated waterproof and breathable SoltoTEX Zliner membrane that helps it on the waterproofing front. It also features a removable thermo liner for those colder riders. Having put the Ridley to the test in San Francisco, I found it to be suitable for all riding weather. From the chilly mornings to the mild afternoons and into the windy bay area evening, I was fine all day. If things were to get hot, losing the thermo lining is a great way to cool down – and once I was back in Southern California in some 80 degree weather, I did just that.

One of the key features you’ll notice when picking up the iXS Ridley is the dual zipper that creates a gutter for any water to run down. The jacket folds over, creating a perfect exit for any liquid.